Friday, August 9, 2013

Silver cover door for Goddess Chamundeshwari

An ardent devotee of Goddess Chamundeshwari will be donating silver shield door for the sanctum sanctorum of temple atop Chamundi Hill on July 28, as part of Sri Chamundeshwari vardhanti.

This will be the second silver door to be placed at the sanctorum of the temple, apart from a main door in the entrance of the temple. The length of the door is 65.5 inch and width is 35 inches. 10.5 kilograms of silver is used to shield the teak wood and it has cost about Rs 5 lakh. 

Devotee Rajanna, a resident of Gayatripuram, who visits Chamundi Hill every Friday had plans to replace the Bronze door with Silver from last three years.

Expressing happiness for his dream coming true, he said during his visit to temple it was haunting him very much to donate silver door and from last six months he has strive hard to get the work complete for Chamundeshwari vardhanti.

After obtaining permission from the Muzrai Department officials, six months ago Rajanna has approached 77-year-old Sculptor BN Channappacharya to carve the shield. But, Channappacharya has not agreed in beginning, as it was extremely difficult task to complete the work withing six months. After noticing the devotion of Rajanna, the artiste has agreed to take up the work.

Channappacharya said: “Usually, the works takes around 14 months. With the blessings of goddess Chamundeshwari we worked day and night completed the work within six months.” A group of seven artists have worked day and night from last six months to carve the silver. They have created Ashta lakshmi's on the door. Ashta Lakshmi's include Gajalakshmi, Adilakshmi, Dhairyalakshmi, Ishwaryalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi, Veeralakshmi, Santanalakshmi and Dhanyalaksmi carved on it.

About Channappacharya
B N Channappacharya of Bilikere village in Mysore district does works related to temple. He has to his credit of sculpting several silver doors for various temples. He has been honoured with Jakanachari and also Rajayotsava award. 

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