Friday, August 9, 2013

Job mela turns unfruitful for thousands of candidate

It seems like cheating is getting innovative with each passing day. The tricksters seems to be always one hand above the gullible public waiting for an opportunity to hoodwink the masses. Job Mela held at Maharaja college in Mysore is one such example.

Poor parents with their children were seen roaming from pillars to post of the Maharaja college, searching for the programme organisers. The fair turned unfruitful for fresh graduates, unemployed from neighbouring districts of Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Mandya who were seen at the venue clutching their biodate hoping to get some job.

The organizers of the job fair had announced that more than 50 companies would be coming to the event to recruit about 5000 unemployed for various kinds of jobs.But, the fact is only five companies had took part in the mela when Express visited the spot.

After paying Rs  10 as Registration fees they were shocked to learn that only countable number of companies had turned up. According to the placement officer the number of job aspirants who attended the Mela is more than 1500. This shows the Oganizers have pocketed more than 15,000.

Among three number provided by the company to contact, only one number was working. With lot of confusions, depression parents and children left the venue by obtaining a coupon for paying registration fee of Rs 10.

Mahesh of Chamarajanagar district who took part in the event said: “With high hope I took part in the event shelling out a couple of hundred rupees for transportation and food to came to the venue, only to find that it was a farce,”

Another candidate Anil said: “Am highly disappointed after visiting the job fair. No companies have take part in the event. It seems in the name of job fair, they have cheated us.”

When questioned Placement Officer in this regard he refused to say the number of companies took part in the event and claimed more than 150 people will be getting placement.

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