Friday, August 9, 2013

Stray dog menace irks citizens

An average of 500 complaints are registered in Corporation every month ! 

Few days ago a citizen died of Rabies virus. Though the incident has come to light after two weeks, the fact is stray dog menace has irked citizens. Packs of dogs can be seen wandering on street across city, causing fear among resident. It has become a perennial problem in city.

It might be shocking to know that more than 500 complaints on dog menace is registered with corporation every month. According to sources of Corporation an average of 30-35 complaints are registered everyday.

Citizens who are fed up handling with the dog menace, allege that civil authorities have completely failed to curb the dog menace. Whereas, MCC Health Officer Dr Nagaraj claims they are taking all the precautionary measures to curb the dog and pig menace in city.

Veterinary officer Dr Lingara admitting that dog menace has increased, and asked citizens not to throw garbage, food on roadside and ensure proper dispose of waste. Asking pet lovers to administer anti-rabies vaccination, he said many of the educated itself fail to take precautionary measures.

An average of 350-400 dogs are sterlised every month and anti-rabies vaccine are administered. A male and a female dog can produce about 60,685 puppies in a span of 60 years, and its quite challenging task to manage, he added.

Dr R Rajesh, faculty Radiology Department, JSS Hospital says: “Corporation should take appropriate measures to sterilise the dogs and kill the rabies dogs.”

Activists Vasanthkumar Mysoremath said that the number of dogs caught and sterilised, is comparatively very less to the populations of dogs. 

“Man-animal conflict has increased, and wild animals are straying towards urban areas, in search of food. If measures are taken to release the stray dogs in forest areas, the wild animals entering into concrete jungles come down. Though the thinking is out of paradox it helps to reduce man animal conflict.”

Out of fear, the children in several localities have stopped playing on streets. There are even streets where the dogs try to attack motorists and commuters.

The worst affected areas are Dattagalli, Roopanagar, Saraswathipuram, Ramanuja Road, Kalyangiri, Kesare, Mandi Mohalla, Devaraja Mohalla, Siddarthanagar, and several localities which come under Zone 6 and 9.

Garbage management has also led to problems. Several residents leave the waste collected cover in front of houses, assuming pourakarmikas come and collect. But, irregularities in garbage collection, helps stray dogs to spread the garabge across street and eat what they want. This again makes dogs more ferocious.

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