Sunday, January 8, 2012

PURE an organisation meant for men empowerment

International Men's Day: Today (November 19) is International Men's Day. There are number of organisation for rights and relief's of women, children and animals, to promote their respective rights and liberties. But there are not many groups representing men's rights.

In Mysore, here is a organisation which assist and advice men and promote him physically and mentally. That is, Peoples Urge for Rights and Equity (PURE), in Gokulam, which is registered since 2007.

Speaking to Express, PURE Founder Ponnappa said that 'there are lot of legislation's which are designed to protect women, but not men. Law is totally blind towards men. Even men to are sexually harassed by women. At present situation men and women both should be given equal provisions under legal issues, along with the burden and benefits equally.'

'When men commits wrong, its highlighted more. Whereas not same with the women. Even if she commit mistake, they are protected most of the time. According to National Congress on Radiation Protection (NCRP) report more number of married man are committing suicide and are also being harassed by women. Its need of the hour more number of organisations for men should come up and provide moral support for genuine men who are facing problems,' he opines.

Ponnappa says, he started this organisation, from his own experience. So far, about 1500 men have visited PURE seeking guidance and Ponnappa has maintained records of all those. There are about 100 members in this organisation in which some of them are women.

He says, among 1,500 who visited PURE, most of them were married men. In future he plans to create awareness among masses about equal legal issues between men and women and to hold seminar, street plays, lectures, associated with government and NGO's.

PURE, which plans to bring men's right, for first of kind in city is celebrating men's day on November 19 at Vidyavardhaka Law College and has organised several programmes for men.

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