Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visitors-starved anthrapology museum is shut for visitors

The Southern Regional Centre of the Anthropological Survey of India, it appears has taken the issue of its museum not getting enough visitors rather casually. Instead of taking measures to draw people towards the museum that exhibits some of the rare human origins, genome and people of India, it has quietly shut its doors for the visitors.

The Manav Bhavan which has to be open for public on all working days, except Saturday, Sunday and on holidays, between 10 am to 5 pm, has been kept locked. If anyone want to visit the gallery, they have to take permission a day or two prior from the officers.

With the purpose to make the visitors and researchers aware of the rich cultural traditions of Indian communities, the Zonal Anthropological Museum was established in 1965 at Mysore. The museum collections are mainly from the geographical areas of four southern states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and two Union Territories Lakshadweep and Pondicherry.

From the past five decades the ZAM has preserved large number of ethnographic artifacts representing a wide range of heterogeneous cultural and heritage of the people of South India and the museum comprises of two galleries. First gallery (in the first floor) depicts a theme of people in South India Habitat, economy and culture' and the ground floor exhibits a rare varied material culture of tribal groups.

Nearby residents say, one has to undergo many formalities to visit the museum and almost always the museums will be kept locked. If its not opened for general public what use in preserving rare artifacts.

When Express, checked visiting the museum it was the same. The security guards near the gate said that `without prior permission no one is allowed inside.' When questioned why so they said that the rules are like that only in the museum. When checked the visitors books it was shocking to see that per day there only two-three persons have visited the museum, in which most of them had entered the purpose of meeting officers and not visiting museums.

According to sources of Manav Bhavan, there is only limited staff and only one care taker for the two galleries. Hardly when school children visit school he will be there to open the doors of museum.

Speaking to Express, Manav Bhavan Deputy Director said that from since 15 days he is working in the Bhavan and he takes initiatives to open the gallery in all weekdays.

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