Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sale of LED lamps has picked up in the city

As the power tariff is being increasing day to day, to reduce energy and and conserve rapidly depleting fossil fuels, Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulb are today slowly making way into all places including streetlights, industrial lights, parking lights, garden lights apart from residential lights.

In spite of this the sale of LED lamps has gradually picked up in the city and the reason may be the availability of cheap Chinese made lamps which are quite popular though they do not come with any guarantee or quality assurance.

LED lights are slowly gaining acceptance in big shopping malls, apartment, office complexes, hotels, clubs and other places of mass energy consumption and there is a good demand for LED lamps. Officials of the Mysore Palace Board have also considered the option of using LED lamps to illuminate Mysore Palace.

When contacted with couple of KT Street electronic shops, they to said there is a demand for LED bulbs and most of the people purchase China made LED lamps which costs are very less.

In KT Street bulbs from Rs eight are available and most of the residents prefer it. According to the like of people the outdoor, indoor lights designs of various models are available in the shops. Apart this, the vendors who are selling rechargeable LED bulbs for Rs 100 to Rs 120, are also expecting good business in the summer, as city faces frequent power cut.

Neela Ramaswamy, Director, REI Electronics, a privately company in Mysore manufacturing LED lamps said that from past two years they have more demand for LED bulbs and they to have come up with latest designs of models.

'Compare to popular Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), the LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and are quite expensive. But in the long run they turn out to be cheaper and the investors get its return on investment within a year through its vastly reduced electricity bills of about 80 per cent,' she added.

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