Sunday, January 8, 2012

She steps for the epic of Kumaravasya Bharatham

She is the first from country to perform bharathanatya for the epic of Kumaravasya Bharatham

For 31-year-old Bhramari Shivaprakash dancing is her passion and she has dedicated her life for it. The uniqueness of her dancing is she has composed Bharathanatya for epic Karnata Bharatha Kathamanjari, one of the three major Mahabharatha written in medieval Kannada by Gadugina Veeranaranappa. The epic is also known as Kumaravyasa Nrithya Bharatha.

She has adopted some of the lines from the epic into the marga tradition of classical Bharathanatyam. The repertoire of Bharathanatya is called as Marga and it consists of items called pushpanjali, jatiswara, shabdam, padavarna, javali, padam, tillana etc. To the characterstics of each item the lines and instances are chosen from different chapters of Kumaravyasya Bharatam.

Usually epic Kumaravasya Bharatham is studied in the colleges and rendered through gamaka vachana. But she has explored the visual possibilities through Classical Bharathanatya items. She claims she is the first to perform Bharathanatya for the holy epic of Kumaravasya Bharatha.

Hailing from Mangalore, she was in city on Monday and presented Kumaravyasa Nritya Bharata dance feature at Jaganmohan Palace on Monday, during the silver jubilee celebrations of Vasundhara Performing Arts Centre.

Speaking to Express, Bhramari Shivaprakash said that 'I have taken three months for two-and-half hours of dance composition. I have edited the script and got its music composed by Ramesh Chadaga of Bangalore. 'I want to experiment and put up quality performances over the period of time to enjoy the literary beauty of Classic Kannada literature' she says.

Bhramari had dancing interest from her tender age of four, through the dance dramas and other theatrical works directed by her father Prof Udyavara Madhava Acharya staged under his Cultural ensemble SAMOOHA.

She has nourished her imagination with ample ideas in theater and choreography by participating in the dance dramas such as Bringada benneri banthu, Ananda mukunda, Harikunida, Kuvara bhasmasura, Bhagavadgitha nrithya vaibhava.
She has presented her Theatrical Choreographies like Stri Shakthi, Shvamedha, Kuvara bhasmasura, Shabari, SaundaryaLahari, Haricharithe and much more across country and abroad too.

From past 12 years Bhramari, is imparting quality dance education to the dedicated students under her own institution “Naadanrthya” in Mangalore. She has also served as dance instructor in Academy School of Music and fine arts, Challenge School of Music and Fine arts Udupi, Surati Inc new Jersey USA.

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