Friday, March 16, 2012

Farmer Queue up for Oyster Mushroom seeds

Mushroom being one of the largest commercial crop there is an ever growing demand across world for it and Mysore is no exception.

The demand for Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus spices) has gone up in city and Department of Horticulture, Mushroom Development Scheme, Kukkarahalli is also promoting farmers and residents by providing seeds for the cultivation of Oyster Mushroom.

Per month an average of 150 to 200 kg of Oyster Mushroom seeds are being sold here and farmers from Periyapatna, Tibetan Colony at Bylukuppe, Nisarga, Charmudi Ghat, Mangalore, T Narasipura, Chamarajanagar, Bannur, Gundlupet, Mandya are purchasing the seeds.

Horticulture Senior Assistant Director MS Raju says, mushrooms are rich in nutritious value and there is a good response for seeds and about 5-7 kg of seeds are sold per day. A cultivator can obtain about 1.5 kg of mushroom withing 20 days from 250 grams of seeds which costs Rs 10.

'Oyster Mushroom popularly known as Dhingri Mushroom are very popular for its diverse ability. This mushroom can be grown at a temperature of 20-30 degree Celsius on various agriculture waste materials such as unfermented paddy straw, com cobs, cotton waste, sugarcane bagasse, leaves, rice hulls and water hyacinths.

'If compare to other mushroom cultivation, Oyster Mushroom are very easy and at a short duration with less investment cultivator can obtain good returns. As this mushroom are less prone to disease and grows on wide range of agriculture waste is can create self employment for people specially residing in rural areas,' he said quoting cleanliness is one of the most importance factor in getting good mushroom crop.

Laboratory Nagarathna said, 'anyone at home can cultivate the mushroom easily on paddy straw and can harvest good mushroom within 20 days, by following some of the simple methods. About 2-3 harvests at an interval of 6-7 days can be harvested from per bag.'

Speaking about the makings of seeds, she said that Bijapur Jower will be boiled at certain temperature and later it will be mixed with chalk powder and will be sterilized for around three hours. Mother Culture will be mixed again and steam will be provided in certain temperature. Later, the seeds will be packed in polythene cover to foster fungus and will be sold after 15 days.


As its suitable for rural areas and can create self employment, training will be provided for farmers, SHGs, private organisation about cultivation of mushroom and the unit needed. Interested to take part in training can contact 98458 00165.

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