Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mysore University takes up research on human infertility

Mysore University is the first in country, to conduct research on multifactorial problem such as infertility in human males from all corners such as anatomical, biochemical, cytogenetical, molecular and immunological aspects.

The Department of Studies in Zoology, University of Mysore , are conducting research on diseases and disorders having direct impact on human health infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.

The research work is being conducted by eight research scholars from various stream of life sciences and have published papers on male infertility in national and International journals.

The students are collecting semen samples from Mediwave Institute of Medical Science, JSS Hospital and other private clinics. Samples are also collected by holding free health camp at regular intervals for individuals from all walks of life. Various tests are conducted free of charge during these health camps. The researchers perform does these tests and provide the report to the concerned doctors or the individuals themselves.

The team headed Dr Malini also conducting an investigation regarding fertility rates among the tribals of western ghats in comparison with the urban population. The initiative is funded under the Institute Of Excellence scheme by University Of Mysore.

The working multifactorial disorders is challenging as the root cause cannot be traced by employing simple diagnostic procedures and analysis. The etiology of the both male and female infertility is multifactorial and very scarce is known about the interplay of various factors affecting spermatogenesis. As men hesitate to provide semen for research purpose, it’s very difficult to carry out the tests recommended for research activities. Hence public must encourage this research activity by providing samples for social benefit, they feel.

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