Monday, March 26, 2012

Practicing horse riding can be fun

Mysore being heritage and culture city, is popular for yoga, art and music. The another emerging has a hub of city is horse riding. To create passion among people about horse riding Mysore Amateur Riding School (MARS), a non-profit organisation has been working since November 2011 at the foot of Chamundi Hills.

MARS owns 11 horses, of which 10 are thorough-bred (race horses) and one popular Indian breed called as Kathiawari. Most of the horses which have been housed here are retired Mysore Race Club horses, which have won several races in their racing time.

Facilities provided here include a 80' x 360' oval riding track, longeing ring, 80' dia circular sand track, sand arena for performing minor jumps. Plans have been made to erect a Gazebo, to watch the riders. The club is open from 6.30 to 8.30 am and from 4.30 to 6.30 pm.

Interestingly people from different walks of life have become members of the horse club who include doctors like Dr MV Venu, Dr Namitha, Builders Ramana and Prakash, and Businessman PK Sreenivas.

Training is provided by two qualified instructors, Srikanta and Rachaiah who are retired Mounted Police Officers. It was their love for the horses that motivated them to continue work even after their retirement.

Dr Venu observed that 'Mysore being a heritage city there was a time when people here commuted only on horses. But with the advent of motor vehicles, today people have forgotten horse riding. Hence to promote horse riding amongst the general public and especially youngsters, MARS has been started.'

Prakash says, 'Horse riding is a good exercise as it strengthens core muscles and improves body posture. Riding a horse everyday for an hour, a person can burn good amount of calories.'

'Being avid horse lovers we enjoy showjumping, dressage (a competitive Equestrian sport) and cross country events, in addition to having lots of fun. At present only basic riding techniques are being taught to the new-comers. In the coming days we will introduce show jumping' the members said.

Learners will be taught the three natural gaits (Horse Gait is the manner in which a horse can move) - Walk, Trot and Canter. The other gait, Gallop, is mainly for racing. On Sundays, the advanced riders are taken to some top quality cross country riding around Chamundi hills.

Rishika and Aishwika students of St Joseph Central School says, 'we have lot of fun here riding horses. In the initial days we were scared to mount a horse, but now we can ride by ourselves.

Coaching Classes
The MARS will be conducting coaching classes in the month of April. Interested persons can contact Srikanta on 95388 81200 for details.

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