Monday, March 26, 2012

Natural remedy for the cure of jaundice

The Sale of tender-coconut and sugarcane juice has gone up in city for past one month. The reason is increase in high temperature and other reason is these are the natural remedy for the cure of jaundice.

As there are no exclusive anti-viral drugs available neither in Ayurveda nor in Allopathy for the viral disease Jaundice, the recommended treatment normally followed is intake of fluids rich in carbohydrates.

District Health Officer Mallegowda said that around 280 patients diagnosed with Jaundice have been identified in the district and there is not any prescribed medication for jaundice. Patients are advised to take drinks rich in carbohydrates like tender-coconut and sugarcane juice.

Corporation Health Officer Nagaraj said that 'this viral fever has to subside on its own and there is no medication for this. By consuming food rich in carbohydrates liver function will improve. This also helps reduce tiredness, another common symptom of the disease.

Tender-coconut sellers are having a big bonanza this year. They are selling around 500-550 tender-coconuts daily, which was around 350-380 in last summer.

Sellers Chandru and Manchegowda who have been selling tender-coconut near KR Hospital say, 'there is a drastic increase in sale of tender-coconuts this year we are having good business.' As jaundice patients have been advised to drink tender-coconuts daily we are selling about 500 tender coconut.

Depending on their size they are sold from Rs 10 to Rs 15. Alongside, the demand for sugarcane juice has also increased. Sellers Raju, Nanjunda of Agrahara say, 'we are purchasing more cane this year. The demand has gone up twice. Many take the juice in parcels to their home.' The cane juice is sold from Rs 8 to Rs 12.

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