Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This women aims to fulfills her husband dreams

Here is an woman without losing heart in life is fulfilling her husband dreams. Vijaya Sindhuvalli wife of noted theater personality late Sindhuvalli Ananthamurthy is the woman.

Being fond of theater, Ananthamurthy started Kala Suruchi Mini theatre at Kuvempunagar in 1985. After his demise, Vijaya Sindhuvalli without losing heart, launched various programme, specially for children.

The programmes like Kathe Kelona Banni, Nataka Vachana, Ranga Geethe, Sahithya Chavadi, dramas, seminars, theater workshops, music programmes, folk arts, harikathe, and various other programmes were launched.

The programme 'Kathe Kelona Banni' (Story telling for kids) which was started in February 3, 2007 has completed five years successfully, without any break attracting hundreds of children. The reason for introducing this programme is the increase in number of nuclear families, which has led to absence of grandparents in the family.

'In order to inculcate and imbibe human values and make children aware of tradition and culture of country, Kathe Kelona Banni programme was launched. So far, about 268 story has been narrated by scientists, advocates, teachers, litterateurs, police personnel, social workers, and other great personalities from various walks of life,' said Vijaya adding 'Women should not loose heart in any situation. Come forward and leave like a role model.'

The story telling for kids programme will be held on every Saturday from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Stories based on current issues, historic, folklore, science, culture will be narrated to the students, said Dr HK Ramanathan, Suruchi Patron.

Children Seema, Jyothi say 'the story telling programme is very good and we enjoy lot. The way the stories are narrated takes us to imagination word and have lot of values.

Special Story
On account of completion of five years, Suruchi Rangamane has organised special `Kathe Kelona Banni' programme on March 10 at 4.30 pm at Suruchi Rangamane. This 268th programme will be aired by theater personality Subraya Bhat.

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