Thursday, May 2, 2013

Awful journey of Hemophilia victims

With the non availability of free Anti Hemophilic Factor (AHF) in government hospitals people with hemophilia (PwH) are suffering hard to get treatment. There are instances of People have sold their property to bear the expenditure of treatment. Sharing their agony, Hemophilia patients requested government to make treatment available at affordable cost, if cant supply it freely. 

Mahesh resident of Maddur with tears in eyes said: “my two sons were infected with hemophilia since birth. My wife Bhagyamma committed suicide along with my second son, depressed over the issue.” Now, Mahesh is leading life with his elder son 12-year-old Appusri Gowda, who is PwH.

18-year-old Nataraj, an 2nd year B.Com student is undergoing treatment from four months of baby. His father Paremsh, an Agriculturist said “to provide treatment I sold portion of the land. With the non availability of drugs in government hospitals, where are facing lot of problems.”

Patient Kempegowda of Somanahalli, Hunsur Taluk said his son and grand son are suffering from hemophilia. “The treatment is very expensive and cant be beard by a common man. We have walked from pillars to post seeking help, but no one looked towards us. Government should look into this issue seriously.”

Karnataka was the first state to provide medicine for Hemophilia patients with a BPL card. But unfortunately as it was not included in the State budget the supply of these medicines has been stopped since three years.

According to Doctors An average of Rs 1.5 is needed for a patient. In houses about 2-4 persons have Hemophilia and the economic condition of the families makes people their life misery. For 250 ML of vial it costs Rs 3475 and for 300 ML about 5,500.

Hemophilia Federation of India Vice President Vikash Goyal said 16,000 people in country, 1500 in state and about 89 in Mysore are identified with Hemophilia.

Hemophilia cases are increasing in country and identification of undiagnosed people is a big challenge. 80 per cent1.2 lakh people of people in country are suffering with Hemophilia and about 70 per cent of Hemophilia patients become disabled, he added.

He said, HFI has submitted a memorandum to government seeking allocation of Rs 20 crore in the budget for treatment and provide a special hemophilia ward in government hospitals. But still their demands have remained unaddressed.

Virkam Hospital Dr Anjali Arun said that the Hemophilia disorder can lead to death and patients suffer from severe joint and muscle bleeding. Girls, women have bleeding in gems.

About Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetic, life-long threatening bleeding disorder, incurable in nature and a very expensive to manage in terms of medication and care. The major challenge is treating poor people with Hemophilia as most of the patients are economically poor.

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