Sunday, May 26, 2013

Know the details of candidates at tip of your mouse

Gone are the days when the voters were in the dark as to who they were electing or what their background was. But thanks to the efforts of 'Association for Democratic Reforms' along with the National Election Watch, has set up a website providing all information of the candidates contesting the elections.

Specially for first time voters the website is boon, as they can knew better about the candidates for whom they exercise their franchise. The site provides complete background details of the candidates based on criminal, financial, educational, income tax, total assets and other details.

Interestingly the site also lists candidates who doesn't have a PAN number or filed Income Tax Returns. By further clicking on a particular candidate they can get complete data about the nominees. The primary source for the data used here are based on reports provided by the candidates themselves in their sworn affidavits filed at the time of submitting their nominations.

It is a worthy exercise and all the voters should visit this site once to know the candidates they are voting for,” says Shyana, BBM student of Saraswathipuram College.
The voters can also watch 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha Elections winners, their expenses, who were MPs in the last election, and all State Assembly Elections posts by visiting the website. During non-election period the citizen can access the details of sitting MP and MLA of their area.

SMS campaign
Apart this the voters can get details of Neta's by calling toll free number 1800-110-440 or sending SMS to 9246556070,” specifying constituency name or the pin code of the area.

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Total number of constituencies=224
Total candidates analyzed by NEW = 1052
Candidates with declared criminal cases = 220 (21%)
Candidates with declared serious criminal cases = 110 (10%)
Crorepati candidates = 681 (65%)
Candidates who are graduate or above = 589 (56%)
Candidates who have not declared PAN = 142 (13%)
Total women candidates = 58 (6%)
Total candidates who have filed ITR = 747 (71%)


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