Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Congress party sweeps in Chamarajanagar district

Congress candidates has swept Chamarajanagar district by winning all the four constituencies in a huge margin, sidelining other major political parties. The total number of votes obtained by Congress in district is 2,31,249. KJP has obtained 1,53,850 votes, while BSP 55,520, JD(S) 55,240 and BJP 27,455 votes.

Congress has won Hannur and Chamarajanagar constituencies in a margin of 11549 and 11196 respectively. Whereas in Kollegal the margin is 10193, followed by 7675 votes in Gundlupet.

Bahujan Samaj Party and Karnataka Janata Paksha have given good fight for Congress, compare to JD(S) and BJP. At Chamarajanagar and Gundulpet the close fight for Congress is from KJP, whereas in Kollegal by BSP and in Hanur by JD(S) party. BJP party performance has completely tumbled in the district.

Congress candidate C Puttarangashetty has won the Chamarajanagar constituency in a huge margin of 11196 votes, against KJP candidate KR Mallikarjunappa who has obtained 43,244 votes.
Puttarangashetty has obtained 54,440 votes, while Vatal Nagaraj of Kannada Chalavali Vatapaksha has got 18,408 votes BJP candidate RP Nanjundaswamy 9278, JD(S) candidate SP Sannamada Setty 2696 votes.

Congress candidate R Nagendra from Hannur has won the battle against JD(S) candidate Parimala Nagappa in a margin of 11549. Nagendra has secured 55684 votes, whereas Parimala 44135. While, BJP candidate BK Shivakumar has succeeded in taking only 1323 votes.

S Jayanna, congress candidate has won the battle from Kollegal against Bahujan Samaj Party candidate N Mahesh by securing 47,402 votes.
Mahesh who has secured 37209 votes, has lost the elections in a margin of 10193. BJP candidate GN Nanjundaswamy has bagged only 17224 votes, while JD(S) candidate N Chamaraju 4392 votes.

Congress candidate HS Mahadeva Prasad has won Gundlupet constituency in a difference of 7675 votes. Prasad has secured 73723 votes against KJP candidate CS Niranjanakumar who has obtained 66048. While BSP Nagendra has secured 6052, followed by JD(S) BP Muddumallu 4017, and BJP candidate HG Mallikarjunaswamy 1989 votes. 

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