Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Public toilets shut down due to water crisis

Water situation has worsened for high extent in Mysore. With the city presently reeling under severe water crisis, has not spared even the public toilets.

Most of the public toilets have closed down due to lack of water. Though the city Corporation has made arrangements to supply water through tankers to these toilets, it is not sufficient to last the whole day. As a result they close immediately when water runs out.
Compare to men, women are facing lot of problems. Close of public toilets has caused lot of inconvenience for hundreds of women who come to city to sell fruits, vegetables, betel leafs, flowers and much more. Apart from the general public others who frequent these toilets are workers employed in nearby shops, road side vendors, travelers, tourists and students who are put to great inconvenience.

Several women complained that due to insufficient water, toilets are not cleaned properly and are forced to attend the nature call amidst fear of infection. This has even affected the passers-by and vendors accompanied to toilets.

Raj Singh, employee of sub-urban bus stand pay and use toilet said due to shortage of water they have shut doors of toilets for two-three days in the last few days.
Employee Birajnandan Tagore of pay and use toilet situated adjacent to D Devaraj Urs road said they are trying to manage with a tanker of water provided. When questioned about foul smell being emitted by toilets he said they are using water in limited to adjust it for a whole day.

Keralite Gajan who is staying in Mysore from last two days said, “the employees deputed in toilets ask us to use limited water stating there is no water. The toilets are emitting bad smell and are maintained badly. Its high time arrangements should be made to provide sufficient quantity of water and maintain cleanliness”.

Vegetable Seller Thayavva says: “there are several public toilets located at various places in the city providing great relief to people who suddenly gets the urge to answer nature's call. But, people rushing to the nearby toilets over the past few days to answer the call were shocked to see them closed because of no water.”

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