Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Water Crisis: Construction workers life is untold misery

The city is reeling under unprecedented water crisis throwing open new problems with each passing day. The new on the list is the construction industry. Thousands of construction workers families who are depend on construction activities for livelihood are severely affected as the works have come to a stand still in several places because of water shortage.

The labourers are finding it difficult to seek other job or go elsewhere, as they don't have knowledge in any other field. Badly affected are daily wage labourers who want to earn and eat there.

Many of them who come from nearby villages such as Ramnahalli, Kyathmaranahalli, Nanjangud, Chamarajanagar are employed by contractors for brick laying, plastering, centering and other activities. They are paid Rs 200 to Rs 400 depending on the work structure.

Couple Kempaiah and Savithramma, native of Kyathmarhalli, who were on work after gap of three days said: “we have forgotten comfortable living. Increase in prices of essential commodities, poverty, unemployment has pushed our life into misery. Our problems has become untold misery.”

Painter VS Panduranga says: “Construction works have been temporarily halted in several places due to lack of water. Until the construction works completes we are jobless. We are eagerly waiting for the monsoon.”

Building Contractor Roshan Biag said: “In one side due to new sand policy we are facing shortage of sand and fighting for quality sand. In addition water problem is looming city delaying works.”

Manoj who has laid foundation for house in Sharadadevi Nagar said: “I have halted construction work for time being. Only after water problem
solves, I start constructing house. We cant offer for tankers.”

Mysore City Corporation Commissioner PG Ramesh said that instructions have been given for construction industries, and citizens to stop construction work until water problem resumes.

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