Thursday, September 1, 2016

Century nearing Mandi Market needs maintenance


Mandi Market, another landmark in the city constructed using brick and lime mortar needs maintenance. The building constructed during the Maharaja reign of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar has been neglected and needs thorough maintenance.

There are around 160 shops in the market, including 20 mutton and a fish stall has been constructed recently in the premises. Its estimated that the building is constructed nine decades ago that is in 1927. The specialty of the market is mutton stalls have been constructed within premises, which is not unlike VV Market and Devaraja Market.

The buildings is either whitewashed nor repaired regularly. The turret clock atop has stopped working long ago. Even inside the market there is no maintenance. The tiles on the floors has not been relaid and have become slippery. There are several instances when both vendors and customers to the market have fallen down which gets more frequent during rains. Vendors allege this makes people avoid visiting the market, and the visitors have to keep every step carefully.

The wall bordering the Pattedhar Street is in a very dilapidated condition and needs urgent plastering. The shops inside the market have never been painted and completely lack maintenance. The roofing of the shops are laid with mud tiles and the danger is less. The shops have been built with a thick wall for a gap of 10 feet, which has made the building construction strong.
Irfhan Baigh who is a tenant for the past 40 years said: 'The building is in a good condition when compared to other heritage structures in the city. But steps have to be taken to repair the structure at some places and if neglected it too may one day meet a similar fate like the Devaraja Market.

Mandi Market Association President Prem Kumar said that in order to save an heritage building it has to be maintained regularly. The major problem is the water seepage and measures have to be taken to maintain them well. Though we have approached the area Corporator several times nothing has been done. Daily nearly 900 to 1200 people visit the market, and the figures double in weekend. Fish Market, Toilet not has been inaugurated even construction of two years. Public anyways have started using toilet, but fish market they have not get permission,' he adds.

Mysuru City Corporation Sergeant Siddaraju said that they collect Rs 260 to Rs 1100 rent from the shop, and in phase manner plans are on card to maintain the buildings. He added soon fish market will be inaugurated.

Rodents menace

The menace of rodents has become major cause of worry for the traders.
Hundredss of Rat burrows can be witnessed in the market, and no measures have been taken to control them. The traders say along with seepage of buildings, menace of rodents is posing a big problem for them. Around 40 shops are vacant in the market and it has become home for rodents.

Suresh Babu, who is doing business from six decades say: 'Rat burrows pose a big threat for foundation of building, and its high time the officials should take measures to control them. Most of the shop owners are shelling out form their pockets to concrete the rat burrows in front of their shops, but they say its not a permanent solution.'

* Mandi Market lack maintenance
* Tenants say if maintenance neglected it too may one day meet a similar fate like the Devaraja Market
* Plans were on card to demolish Mandi Market and Vani Vilas Market, and construct a milti storied building, including parking facilities and retaining the heritage value.

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