Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mysoreans reject New Education Policy

A strong objection was raised for the draft of New Education Policy (NEP) and was rejected by civilised citizens of Mysuru here on Monday. Child activists, education experts opined that the policy stress on vedic culture, and there is components of 'communalism', commercialisation and no scope for value and constitution.

At the discussion on NEP jointly organised by Kannada Kriya Smithi, Progressive Thinkers Association, PUCL and various other associations, they opined that the Modi government is attempting to saffronise the education system by completely changing our education system.
Educationist Sripad Bhat opined that: 'Education has reached dead end today. With saffronisation, privatisation and globalisation in education system we will be facing lot of problems. There are monism in framing the draft and constructive approach is not clear. Its high time people have to read between the lines and strongly object the draft policy.'

Political Analyst Prof Muzaffar Assadi opined that NEP has become an hybrid policy; propagates Hindutwa and like an M.Phil gazette.
The policy will become a religious / caste policy or a policy of a parivara or a political party policy, and not an centric policy. Learning outputs are not mentioned properly, he added.

'Government aiming to centralise the power in education system and the draft copy highlights the vedic culture, and there are many hidden agenda. Backward, dalits, tribes will be severely affected. Yoga and Sanskrit have been made mandatory and the 43 page report of NEP contents most of the points in Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA),' he added.

'The sad part is most of the policies without any debated have been passed and theNEP is a big threat for the future of the country. We will be facing lot of problems if the policy is amended and the rate of higher Education will also come down drastically,' he warned.
“The NEP speaks about culture and not values. People should take a serious call and look into its not implemented. It suits the Corporate needs and like ancient period education will be only for Brahmins, which will be a big threat for society. There is need of framing our own education policy on lines of Tamil Nadu for the survival of language,” opined Prof Panditharadhya.

Social Activist Pa Mallesh said that a state-level meet has to be organised and youngsters in large has to be made aware about the conspiracy and hidden agenda of government. He gave a call for people to raise voice and look into the policy is not implemented.

* Studying the reason for increasing drop outs the policy has to be framed.
* Equal education system has to be introduced
* To think of large number of youngsters pursue higher education
  • Hindi has to made as link language

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