Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Scarcity of stone has become cause of worrisome among sculptors

Sculptors are facing severe hardship with non availability of wood and Krishnashila stone, an special variety stone used for sculpting. Though there is good demand for the sculptures in market, and quite a good number of youngsters are showing keen interest to learn the carving work, scarcity of stone has become cause of worrisome among artists.

With one sq cubic of stone is being purchased from Rs 800 to Rs 1000, the sculptures have become very expensive and even the professional sculptures are facing hardship to provide training.

Sculptor B Shyamasundara Bhat says: 'We have to shell out more than Rs 800 to purchase a stone which was available for just Rs 50 five years ago. Its high time government should make stone available for artistes, and lift the ban. Earlier from 30 mining units we used to get the stone, now we have hardly two.'

56-year-old Wood Sculptor M Ramamurthy from Bengaluru said that they are facing acute shortage of Shivahonne (Shivani), which was available abundantly few decades ago. Most of them are exporting the wood from other parts of state, and the species grown largely in Shivamogga needs to be promoted considering the livelihood of hundreds of artists engaged in sculpting works.
Around 15 sculptors from across state are carving wood, stone at the ongoing Sculpture camp on Kalamandira. They are creating contemporary, modern, traditional, architect designs on wood and stone.

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