Thursday, September 15, 2016

Demand to learn 'artistic yoga' and 'rhythmic yoga' shoots up

The demand to learn the newly formed 'artistic yoga' and 'rhythmic yoga' is gaining popular in Yoga capital for the last couple of years. The Yoga enthusiasts are now hoping it may soon get an entry into Asian Games and eventually into Olympics, with Yoga has been given status of sports. Thus has generated lot of interest in budding yoga enthusiasts.

The people are also showing interest to learn 'artistic yoga' and 'rhythmic yoga' because of the attractive dress, music, body movements and style. There are hardly around five centres in the city where presently rhythmic and artistic yoga are being taught.

While Rhythmic yoga is performed by two people, Artistic Yoga can be performed both individually and in doubles. Select Asanas, postures and expressions with aesthetic beauty will be given prominence. While, the response for 'Flow Yoga', introduced this year, which will be performed by group of five is slowly catching up.

Ganesh a yoga coach at Mysore Vivekananda Yoga Education and Research Institution Coach said that alongside the regular yoga exercises performed on floor, the demand for learning other forms of yoga is on the rise. “We are expecting Yoga will be included in Olympics in days to come, and there is a big opportunity for Indians to take part in the events. With Mysuru already being Yoga Hub, we hope in the days to come more number of foreigners will also come to Mysuru to learn Yoga,” he added.

'So far ten forms of performing yoga was popular. The other forms of yoga are very attractive. Similar on lines of swimming, other formats are catching up in Yoga, 'adds another Coach Bhaskar.

A 13-year-old girl from the city, H Kushi, who has mastered various forms of asanas in yoga and has given performances at international level says her dream is to represent in Olympics and win a gold medal for India.

Kushi, an 8th standard students of St Joseph Central School, started practicing yoga to get rid of breathing problem. The first prize she won for performing yoga, motivated her and take a decision to become yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for the past three years and in the coming days she wants to concentrate more on meditation, pranayama and perfection of asanas.

Kushi who has to her credit more than 35 gold medals, 20 silver medals, is the daughter of Hema Chandra, an employee at RBI and D Kumudha. She has represented at the 6th Asian Yoga Sports Championship organised by VIET an International Sports, JSC, Vietnam. She has won four medals (two gold, two silver) in the championship held from September 3 to 5.

Prayag, another youngster who is practicing yoga said, after the announcement that yoga has been recognised as Sports, he is dedicating more time to practice yoga and desires to represent India in Olympics or Asian Games.

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