Thursday, September 1, 2016

Children to celebrate eco-friendly ganesha festival

 The practiced skit to perform street play, made the students of Vidya Vikas Education Trust to take a bold step to celebrate the ganesha festival in a ecofriendly manner. Thanks for the teachers who took initiatives of spreading the message about the harmful effects on environment after PoP idols are immersed.

It was all a month ago it was decided to state a street plays to create awareness among populace about celebrating eco-friendly ganesha festival. The children started to practice a skit. After taking part in the skit they have understood how the environment is polluted and have firmly said no for PoP idols.

They have asked their parents to bring eco friendly clay idols to home. Through staging play they have not only educated public, but have adopted in their life, and are educating, family and friends alike.

Student Hemanth and Amulya said: 'All these years were were placing PoP idols. Only after taking part in the skit, we came to know how we are spoiling the water bodies, environment in the name of festival. We have asked our parents to bring only clay idols, and parents have agreed. We have called our relatives and have asked to place clay idols.'

“Its learnt that we have spoiled the environment for higher extent. We have to conserve flora and fauna which are protected from centuries from our ancestors. Youngsters should take a call to protect the environment, water bodies, so that we can see tremendous change,” added public who witnessed the street play.
Teacher Radha said that two days they will be staging street plays in different junctions of city. 

In the ten minutes skit the children highlighted the environmental hazards caused by Plaster of Paris (PoP) Ganesha idols. They presented how oxygen level falls with immersion of PoP idols in water bodies, therefore leading to death of fish, swan, increase in lead content in water content, decrease in depth of water body, and how people, environment are affected were explained in detail. A tortoise which comes out of water, curse people stating it can leave without even water, but think of fishes. 

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