Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Artistes from across country have converged in Mysuru

The city of Mysuru is well known for rich heritage and culture. The rulers of Mysuru have always patronised art, culture and have encouraged artistes inviting them to Mysuru, thereby motivating various art forms.

The city with such a rich heritage culture has continued the legacy same during world famous Mysuru Dasara. Artists from several parts of country have converged in city to showcase their talent. The artists have displayed their works at Kalamandira, JSS Urban Haat, JK Grounds and have displayed their creative works.

Wood carving, sculptor, display of wide varieties of mediums of paintings, art and craft works, 3d stone works, are attracting art lovers in large. Art students are turning in good number to watch the ongoing handicraft, sculptor, painting works at Kalamandira.

RM Ajesh who has come from Calicut has displayed mural paintings at Dasara Gandhi Shilpa Bazar being held at JSS Urban Haat. 'There is very good demand for murals. From centuries the artform is used to decorate palaces, houses, temples. The painting will be applied directly on ceiling, wall, surface which makes the premises look rich. Most of the painting are done on gods and goddess,” he adds.

Dexterous artist Anil Varma from Indore, Madhya Pradesh has displayed leather craft works. He has created animals, products needed in our day to day life. From last two decades he is engaged in creating craft objects using the leather. He says, giving a shape, and coloring need of lot techniques.

This is a perfect platform for us to showcase our talent. There will be a sense of satisfaction when people appreciate the modern designs and 3D angle works,” says sculptor Manjunath who has displayed his work at Kalamandira.

Rohini, Art Student from CAVA said: 'The on-going exhibitions at different venues helps us to learn new techniques. 3D stone carving works gives new insight and the exhibition benefits immensely for learners.' 


A team from newly formed Telengana had come to city to perform Bonalu dance, an annual festival dance performed to worship Goddess Mahakali.

Its the first time since the formation of the State, the team has come to participate in Mysuru Dasara Activities. With this, the rich artistic traditions and culture of Telangana came alive at the on-going Dasara Cultural programme at Jaganmohan Palace here on Monday.

A team of 20 members performed the dance, and there was no end for their joy to showcase their culture in cultural city Mysuru.
This annual ritual dance is staged during Ashada Masa in Telangana, seeking blessing of Goddess Kali (Gram Devatha) to eradicate plague.
“The ritual is performed yearly once, and we are happy we have showcased the play at Mysuru, where Goddess Chamundeshwari is worshiped,” say the team members led by B Rama Rao.

“Dasara is the festival which showcase the rich heritage, culture of our country. Artistes from across country come to participate here, which helps the youngsters to know about the tradition, culture, practices of other states,” say the team members.

Anyways, it will be a cultural festival during dasara and a rare treat to watch various forms of cultural events at different cultural joins. There are multiple choice for art lovers to watch different forms of cultural programmes of our country, and quite a good number of passing crowd had gathered at all the seven venues giving visual treat for art lovers. The venues are: Town Hall, Kalamandira, Jaganmohan Palace, Ganabharathi, Palace, Chikka Gadiyara.

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