Wednesday, October 5, 2016

People throng to savour millet dishes at Food Mela

Millets book recipe sold like hot cake 

Do you want to taste recipes prepared out of millets. Then it’s a good opportunity for the food lovers to taste food prepared out of millets at the on-going Food Mela in Scouts and Guides Ground.
Lot of people were found thronging towards Siridhanya Counter (millets) to savour the dishes and know about the millets. Young generation were found watching how millets appear and were knowing their names. Some people out of curious how millets dishes taste are heading towards the ecounter, while some people to obtain a good health and develop immunity.
Experts in preparing millets have come from Haveri, Mysuru and Shivamogga. They are preparing lip sacking Kajayan, Haraka Pongal, Haraka Paisa, Navane Paisa, Bisibelebath, Millets Cake, Obbitu, Kemmapakki Dosa and Kajaya, Ragi halbai, Jower roti, Navane kajaya, Navane Chakuli, Kempakki Chakkuli, Saame Nippitu, and other varieties of dishes are being sold at the outlet.
This apart, books on informing health benefits of millets, how is add millets in diet, and recipes book how to prepare dishes are being sold like hot cake. The books ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 60 gives complete information about how to prepare the dishes and health benefits.
‘First time am tasting the dishes prepeared out of millets. After coming to know it has lot of health benefits, have decided to add in my diet. Couple of millets had never seen in my life and am happy I learnt something new. The dishes also tastes yummy,’ says Ganesha, students of Maharaja College.
Akansha who was selling Harake Pongal said: ‘There are nine varieties of millets and we are preparing dishes out of all the millets. Every day a demonstration on a millet will be given to educate people about the particular millet and informed about its health benefits. Two years ago, when first time Millets mela was set up hardly countable number people showed interest to know about millets. Whereas, this year there is overwhelming response from public,’ she added.
Senior Citizen Shashikumar said: ‘From last couple of months am using millets and have seen lot of health benefits. Today am surprised to come to know  delicious sweet dishes are also being prepared using millets. Am eager to prepare all the recipes and taste. There is need of turning towards our traditional food habit to keep out next generation health intact which helps for the development of the country.
‘Awareness among people has increased down the years, and now-a-days millets is getting popularity. Large number people from all age groups are enquiring about the millets its health benefits, how to prepared dishes out of it’, says Manju, millets seller.
‘There was not much response two years ago for millets. The trend has changed and people are opting slowly to add millets in their diet. But still there is a long way to go to revive the traditional dishes. Following health benefits the demand has gone up and am growing millets from last two years,’ said Farmer Vishwanath.
Dinesh Kalyani from earth 360 ventures organization, who is promoting millets from last several years, said that the government should distribute millets in fair price shops, as the millets provides all nutrition required for the body, and develops immunity, and people suffering from ailments will reduce to higher extent. Also, helps to save water, and protect environment, he added.
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* Good number of people took part in millets identification contest, including youngsters. Three people who identified all nine millets were awarded with prizes. The winners are: Tarun, Unnathi and Nandini.
* Good response turned for ‘Naalapaka’ cooking contest.  Around ten people participated in the contest and prepared delicious dishes. 75-year-old Sumitra Bai bagged first place, while Spoorthi and Bhavya stood at second and third place respectively.
* Women were found tasting lipsacking recipes made out of millets and a demonstration on how to cook Lavane millet was given at venue.

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