Friday, October 7, 2016

Disabled face hardship after Dasara sports meet put off

Physically Challenged person Santosh Patik had come all the way from Bijapur travelling a distance of 549 kilo meter just to take part in the dasara sports meet organized for physically challenged at JK Grounds here on Thursday. While, he was shocked, disappointed and surprised to know the event has been cancelled in last minute.

Another physically challenged Srikanth who had come from Bijappur travelling 490 km, accompanied with other physicall challenged Bagalkot, Hassan was found wandering in the JK grounds seeking to arrange food for the physically challenged.
This was the plight of physically challenged at JK Grounds, who had come all the way from Bidar, Gulbarba, Bijapur covering distance of 550 kms, only reaching here they were informed the event has been cancelled.

The sad part is they were not provided with any accommodations, food and shelter facility, due to this lot of inconvenience was faced by them. Every year on sports day spot registration will be done, whereas this year the officials have cancelled the event coming to conclusion no one will participate.

Later, Prabhu of NGO by name Abhyudaya School took initiative and hosted four events not to disappoint the participants, who had come all the way from across State travelling across night.

The physically challenged persons were found questioning programme organizers why they are being ill-treated and not provided and reason for cancelling the event. They alleged they are not even provided with cash prizes during dasara from last couple of year on par with general persons being awarded.

“No encouragement is given for physicall challenged during dasara and to promote sports. We demand government to host events for physicall challenged also, and motivate. Government has not taken any initiative to encourage and give proper resignation,” said Javranayaka, from HD Kote.

‘There was no provision were made by the committee to provide food for physically challenged athelets. Some how the NGO managed to arranged food. Even mentally retarded were not provided with food till afternoon,’ added Devendra.

"We were not even served with breakfast. We are fed up wandering without any clarity. If they had cancelled the event, they would have given a press release, so that we were not coming all way to Mysuru," regretted, Rajesh.

Women and Child Welfare Department DD Radha said that no one registered thus they cancelled the event in last minute. When questioned about cash prize for winners, she said they will be provided only certificates.

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