Friday, October 7, 2016

Donning the dress of males the women theater artistes mesmerized audience

Donning the dress of males, female artistes drew wide administration from artistes at Town Hall. The entire auditorium was fully occupied to watch ‘Krishna Sandhana’ play staged by Professional Women Artistes Association from Mysuru.
The women team comprising of 22 members mesmerised the audience, through their performances. Characters of Krishna, Dhyurodhana, Bheema, Arjuna had come alive. The artistes performed the characters very well making the audience spellbound. The stage wore a grand royal look and the costumes, dresses used were very attractive. There was a pin drop silence in the auditorium and theater lovers were found hearing every conversation with rapt attention and were found astonished after watching the play staged for nearly three hours.

The association with around 60 women artistes, some of them are widows,  students, divorcee, housewives. They have dedicated themselves for theater field. The troupe have staged performance in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, and other states.

“Engaging ourselves in theater field we have forgotten our worries. Acting like men, walking like them was not an easy go. Through practice from years, now we have become professionals and stage plays with full of confidence. We have learnt lighting, make up, playing music which is an added advantage for us. It will be good every year during dasara if we get an opportunity. Most of the times we won’t get permission,” regretted the women folk,

With lot of youngsters are showing interests towards theater field, senior artistes opine that the government should ensure they are provided with proper training and theater field has to be streamlined.

“Many are depended on livelihood even today on theater field. Apart from main artistes, thousands of people who work back screen also facing lot of problems. A minimum of Rs 4000 pension should be given, and a special health package should  be given,” says 65-year-old Vasantha Krishna, President of Association.

“We don’t know any other occupation except theater acting, we are involved and dedicated ourselves in theater field. It gives us a immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction, and a matter of proud as we educate people through plays,” added Sulochana, who is in theater field from last six decades.

Makeup Man Ramachandra said: “Thousands of stage artistes are earning for livelihood from staging plays. The plights of artistes are unexplainable. Proper encouragements should be given and proper training for Youngsters to review this art form for next generation. The government should give houses for shelterless artistes and think of their future.’

‘Even today there is lot of interest among people to watch theater plays. There is special importance given for mythological and historical plays. Have watched more than 800 theater plays in last four decades, and enjoy the most,’ says theater lover Rajalkahsmi, resident of Agrahara.

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