Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tradition blends with technology:Tech Dasara to represent the history through automated models

Normally pictures, videos and some static models are used to depict the history, beauty and significance of a place or person. But how about using the mechanized models to depict the story of Mysuru?
Vesto Education Solutions, is adding a feather in the cap of Dasara festival  by conducting an Tech Dasara exhibition, representing the history, culture and beauty of Mysuru through automated models. 
With the theme ‘Edu Namooru-Mysuru’, the expo to give the citizens of Mysuru, the essence of Science, Technology and Innovation by organizing a six- day exhibition ‘Tech Dasara’.
In this exhibition, the history, culture and tradition of Mysuru and the marvel of Mysuru Dasara is depicted through various automated working models. About 60 mechanised models tell the story of Rich Heritage, culture of Mysuru, including model of Goddess Chamundeshwari piercing the chest of Mahishasura; miniature of ‘Moving Jambu Savari’, and much more.
This exhibition shows how science and technology can be used to create  working models. This is a great platform where people from all walks of life can know about Mysuru with witnessing the new way of representation of Mysuru.
 ‘ In the era of fast growing technology, we need to equip our children to be ready with the moving world. This exhibition is very important for the students,’ says Sumanth Prabhu / Founder and Director of Vesto.
The expo will be held from October 7 to 12 everyday from 11 am to 9 pm at Mall of Mysuru. Entry fee is Rs 20 per head.

Tech Dasara Major Attractions:
In Tech Dasara the history, culture, tradition and beauty of Mysuru are depicted through automated working models. This is one of its kind exhibition, where technology is blended with art.*
* Mythological Models The origin of Mysuru is explained through the models of ‘Mahishasura’ ruling the dynasty of then Mysuru and Goddess Chamundeshwari destroying the monster.
*  Wodeyar Dynasty , contribution of wadiyars,  are depicted through interesting automated models. Construction of Hydroelectric Plant, State Bank of Mysore, implementation of Street Lights, construction of KRS dam, implementation of 5 year plans and many more are depicted through attractive working models.
* Navaratri Sambhrama  working models to give a holistic representation of Mysuru Dasara Navaratri.
* Dasara Exhibition and Jamboo Savari procession mimic and mysuru memories.

About Vesto
Vesto Education Solutions, is an education startup that partners with schools to provide hands-on science training. In the last 2 years, Vesto has partnered with more than 30 schools and made difference to about 8000 students in the way they learn Science. The team also tries to extend the possibility of science and technology learning through such innovative exhibitions. In 2015 Dasara, Vesto conducted an exhibition called Digital Dasara where channapattana toys were mechanized and presented. In 2016 Vesto had also conducted an exhibition in Suttura Jatra that depicted the History of Sutturu through mechanized models.

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