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Heart Care

Cardiologist Paul Dudley states: Heart disease below the age of 80 is not God’s will but due to our own faults.
Heart diseases are increasing world wide. In India, it is three times higher compared to other countries. It has become more common and a leading cause for death due to environmental factors, unhealthy life-style like heavy and fatty meals, stressful life, sedentary habits, smoking, leaning towards junk food, lack of exercise, obesity, etc. Therefore most of us are prone to heart attacks. Hence proper and early attention should be given to heart,” opines Dr. V. Lakshmi-narayan, a senior physician and diabetologist. He has suggested some do’s and dont’s for a healthy heart:
Can a person help himself during a heart attack?
Yes. Lie down comfortably and put a Sorbitrate 5mg or any aspirin tablet of any description under the tongue without any movement. Without any delay rush to the nearest Coronary Care Unit because the maximum casualty occurs within the first hour.
How can others help?
• When a person gets heart attack, immediately make the person to sleep flat on a hard surface like floor and punch on the chest immediately. By doing this, the heart may start beating again, if not, repeat the procedure again.
• Check the pulse, if it is felt, it's enough, pulse number is not the criteria.
• If there is no pulse, adopt the procedure called Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation [(CPR) which is also known as Heart Lung Revival)] and maintain A B C.
Airway (A): Tilt the head and lift the chin and make the air pass easier.
Breathing (B): Take a deep breath and close your mouth over the person’s mouth and breathe mouth to mouth (artificial resuscitation).
Circulation (C): Compress chest wall smoothly but firmly 60-70 times per min by placing the fist of the left hand on the patient’s chest just over the lower part of the breast bone and put the right hand over the left hand and compress the chest wall in a pumping motion (as shown in picture), and check the pulse. Wait for a second and repeat the procedure.
If this procedure is done properly, the heart beating and the pulse returns. It is important to remember that when heart stops beating, brain death occurs within three and a half minutes. So, the ABC should be done within three minutes.
Which oil is better?
Saturated oils which get solidified at room temperature are not good. Soybean, mustard, sunflower and olive oil are good.
Is non-veg good for heart?
No. Fruits and vegetables are the best. Avoid junk food; consume a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet. Avoid margarine, high fat dairy products and pastries.
Quit smoking and drinking: The risk of having a heart attack will double if a person smokes. But in case of alcohol, if one is used to it, then he can have alcohol of 50 ml as it enhances HDL protective cholesterol, nevertheless it enhances Triglycerides which is again not good.
Undergo a routine health check-up: Have a routine health check-up after 35 years to check sugar, cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure. A person with diabetes is more vulnerable to heart attacks than non-diabetics.
Control overweight:
Lose weight if you are obese. Obesity and cardiovascular disease are often linked together as the excess weight carried by a person places an extra burden on the heart.
For those who not do exercise?
Due to hectic time schedule, some people do not exercise. They should:
• Avoid sitting continuously for more than half an hour in one chair.
• Do regular tasks at home on feet.
• Climbing the stairs will work as an alternative exercise.
• Use of treadmill will burn the calories.
• Exercise 10 minutes after food thrice in a day or 30 minutes at stretch.
Can psychological problems such as stress, worry lead to heart problem?
Yes, surely. Mind, health and body are the tripod for a person. If a person has psychological problems like worry, anger and stress, he may suffer heart problems.
Which is better, walking or jogging?
Brisk walking is always better than jogging.
Is using pacemaker advantageous?
It is essential for the rhythm maintenance in the heart.
Women should have extra care: Yes, after the menopause, they need to keep up ideal body weight and consume calcium rich food. Regular health check-ups are necessary.
Will marriages within close relatives cause heart problems for the child?
Yes, cosanguinity leads to congenital abnormalities in the child and causes problems.
Preventive measures:
Achaar - Normal Conduct; Ahaar - Diet; Vyayaam - Physical Exercise; Yoga - Yogic way of life as far as possible.
Tips to keep heart healthy
• Follow a good diet.
• Exercise regularly (yoga or walk) at least five days a week for 40 minutes.
• Use skimmed milk.
• Eat baked, steamed, boiled, broiled, or microwave foods
• Use egg whites and lean cuts of meat.
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