Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reduce the number of stray dogs

The article on stray dog menace (SOM dated Aug. 9) should be an eye-opener to many a bureaucrats of our city. Scores of dogs roam on the streets of Mysore posing a great threat to the children and pedestrians. It is strange to hear that first the citizens should complain, and then only the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) will take action.
MCC should be proactive in reducing the number of stray dogs as is being done in Bangalore. If we believe the statement of Corporation Health Officer that nearly 1000 dogs are being sterilised every month, we should not see so many strays wandering.
Also, as per the MCC figures, they should be spending more than Rs. 60 lakh on this project. Where does all this money go? Being a frequent visitor to City Veterinary Hospital, I rarely see any dog being kept there as in-patient after sterilisation.
Mysoreans should feel ashamed for not having a single Animal Welfare Organisation operating here. Instead of looking towards Animal Husbandry Department and City Corporation, NGOs involved in animal welfare should come forward to tackle this menace on a war-footing.
Basic facilities to undertake Animal Birth Control programme should be created in 3-4 centers. Things like laparoscopic surgery may come later. Having a dedicated staff is very essential. Animal lovers and philanthropists should donate liberally to make this project a great success.
— Hemalatha Manjunath


Development should not affect environment
World Environment Day should not be celebrated for a day, instead should be observed throughout the year.
The causes and consequences of environmental destruction should be understood in the right perspective. Today environmental destruction is not biological, it is the unmindful act of an individual.
In addition to concentrating on the development of the nation, we should also simultaneously concentrate on improving the 'quality of living' of thousands of people below poverty line.
• Destroying rainforests has severely affected the climate.
• Climatic changes have caused fertile lands to become barren.
• Water pollution has caused severe health problems and water scarcity has caused crop failure.
Environment provides alternative, renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydropower, which should be put to best use.
Economic development can also be brought about by using Genetically Modified crops which require less fertilisers, water, pesticides and give better yield. Intense research needs to be done in this area.
Today’s development is resulting in a great environmental tragedy for the future. Huge amounts of carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere by burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, which are responsible for global climatic changes. This is posing a grave threat to humanity, leading to floods, droughts, hurricanes and rapid in rise in sea levels.
In schools, the subject of environment should be made compulsory as part of the syllabus, to create awareness am-ong students.
— K. Rathna

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