Sunday, January 17, 2010

Park ho to aisa

People abhor a visit to parks in the city, given the filth and garbage strewn all over, apart from anti-social elements, stray dogs waiting to strike and other unpleasant factors. However, this may not be true in all the parks.
A park in Hosabandikeri, I Cross, Chamundipuram, which was ignored by Corporation and the public has a got a new lease of life thanks to the initiative by a few enterprising youth of the locality.
Two years ago, this park was just like other neglected parks in city. It was host to all sorts of illegal activities. Some youth cleaned up the mess inside the park. A young and energetic Girish leads the group of like-minded youth, who worked together, pooling in their meager pocket money and hard-earned money and gave the park a new lease of life, literally. They made all the difference by introducing pigeons, ducks, love birds, swans, guinea pigs, rabbits and other exotic birds. Over 100 birds can now be seen in this park.
A small pond was constructed for the ducks when they are let out in the open. As the water in the pond had to be cleaned regularly, they connected it to the drainage pipe with a valve, so water can flow out easily. Now they are thinking of constructing a small fence around the pond for the safety of children. They are even availing the services of veterinary doctor for birds.

Every boy in the group takes the initiative to maintain the park in turns. They go to market daily to bring radish leaves for guinea pigs and ducks. Some vendors who know about these boys supply leaves freely. A resident in the neighbouring area daily provides powdered rice as feed for these birds. As the boys have decided not to ask for any help, they share among themselves the monthly expenditure of about Rs. 3,000. The Corporation staff who were nowhere to be seen till now have started helping by cleaning the park.
Speaking to Star of Mysore, Sarala, a regular visitor to the park with her child, said this park was ignored by the Corporation for a long time whereas the boys have done a tremendous work. She praised them saying "If people visit the park, their mind will be refreshed and children will come to know more about birds and they can have good entertainment. It's really worth coming here."

Ramdas, who visits with his daughter-in-law, said that through this park children can gain knowledge and added that the park is very attractive for children and they wish to come here daily. More than 100 people visit this park daily. This is a good example of how it is possible to transform things by collective public participation. Hats off to these boys, who could have otherwise spent the time in idle pleasures.
Truly they need our encouragement and support to continue their exemplary and socially useful activity.
[Tuesday 10th February 2009]

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