Saturday, January 16, 2010

Korean touch for Bharat Sevadal School

"We particularly chose Mysore because we love this place very much. We are enjoying our work a lot and feel happy for doing this small service to the society in our life-time," say the volunteers from South Korea, who are on a visit to Mysore for a noble cause.
Playing with children, painting the wall and cleaning the dust has become the daily chore of this group of 19 volunteers who have come all the way from South Korea, with lot of enthusiasm to give a new look to the Bharat Sevadal School situated in Gangothri Layout.
These volunteers are working under FSL India (Field Services and Intercultural Learning), a non-profitable, charitable, social and independent Non-Gove-rnmental Organisation (NGO) with the objective of promoting global understanding and intercultural learning.
"While involved in this kind of social service, we learn new communication skills along with hands-on practical knowledge, thereby acquiring work experience. We realised the importance of being socially active as it raised our level of awareness about the people and the society around us. We are gaining new insights by living and working with people of different cultural backgrounds." This is the opinion of all the volunteers.
"Mysore is a very beautiful city. In our spare time we play with kids and tour the city on weekends. In the evening we take a stroll as the climate here is very salubrious," say the volunteers.
The volunteers will stay in the city for fifteen days and are staying as paying-guests at a house. They will leave Mysore on Jan. 15. While some of them are spending their personal money others are helped in all their expenditures by their parents.
"The volunteer service we are promoting is a kind of non-formal education. Our mission is to expand horizons by organising volunteer camps throughout India with the help of national and international voluntary organisa-tions, institutes and colleges by bringing people of different cultures, languages and regions together," adds Joy Carvaloh and Manjunath Annigeri, who can be contacted over Mobile: 94801-92699.
FSL India places international volunteers in local community projects to support sustainable development and to bring an inter-cultural dimension to community projects. Volunteers are assisted by local communities.
It may be recalled, on an earlier occasion, the FSL-India team had painted the walls of Makkala Mane in Kuvempunagar as part of their project in city.
About Bharat Sevadal
Bharat Sevadal, a socially active organisation, was started for a noble cause by Dr. Narayan Subbarao Hardikar (N.S. Hardikar), a Gandhian, to serve the needy in the society throughout India.
The Mysore Unit of Bharat Sevadal, opposite the Maruthi Temple in Gangothri Layout, started functioning in 1994 and is presently providing education to more than 120 students who are below poverty line. The main objective of the Sevadal is to imbue social values in children. The lofty ideals of patriotism and national integrity are ingrained in the young minds of the students. The motto of this organisation is "Sevegaagi Baalu" (Live to Serve).
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