Sunday, January 17, 2010

A temple in the midst of nature

Here is a temple which relaxes your strained mind and body because of its unique park by the side.
The shrine is next to Law College in Kuvempunagar. Certainly, anyone driving a vehicle would fail to notice the temple if he is focussed on the busy traffic, as the temple is not located immediately adjoining the footpath but a little off it. It is really worth your time if you visit once and take a look inside.
The presiding deities of the temple is Goddess Bandanthamma, Adishakti and Kalamma. Bandanthamama is also considered as Gramadevathe.
The interesting feature of this temple is its beautiful garden by the side. The garden with its lush green grass and fountains is a real attraction. There is a beautiful statue of Shiva sitting atop a mountain with water falls in the background.
After visiting the temple, people come out and relax on the wooden chairs watching the fountains and clay models of birds and animals along with the lights set on the walkway. The whole atmosphere is serene, calm and creates an ambient mood for relaxation. It not only brings forth devotion in the heart but also soothes the mind.
Another unique feature of this temple is decorating the deity with fruits and betel leaves by people in fulfillment of their vows, though commonly deities are decorated with flowers, ghee, butter or sandal-paste. The temple also has a Navagraha complex, where instead of the deities, small trees representing each planet is placed in pots.
The temple is maintained by Bandanthamma and Kalamma Temple Trust. According to Temple President B. Naganna, the temple was constructed in 2003 with donations from the people and with the assistance of Secretary Balu, Vice-President Shivkumar, Hon. President Rajanna and Treasurer Shivappa.
Naganna still has many more plans on the anvil. He wants to build a small platform that can be used as a stage, where artistes and musicians can give performance for free.
Seating arrangements will also be made in the front for the audience. Naganna hopes this will become popular. He also has plans to bring some rabbits, ducks, geese and a small baby elephant.
The beautifully decorated deity with an illuminated park adds charm to the temple gaining in popularity everyday, with around 2,000 people visiting on Fridays and Tuesdays.
[Tuesday 10th February 2009]

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