Sunday, March 10, 2013

First time voters hope to bring changes in society

The franchise in city are eagerly waiting to cast their first vote at the Urban Local Body elections on March 7. Sharing their happiness for being a part of deciding about the future of country, the students said they are very much excited and are waiting for the D-day to cast their first vote.

Majority of the youngsters have decided to cast their vote for an qualified candidate and ensure they have voted for a right candidate.
While, some said they are confused for whom to elect, following reports in media about candidates facing corruption, criminal and many other charges.
If some students wish to elect a new face and an Independent candidate, some expressed to cast their vote for an elected representative who has served the society well during his tenure. Some of the youngsters said they are even creating awareness among people not to accept any gifts from any candidates and cast their vote.
As majority of the people, including the educated persons fail to exercise their right to vote, we are educating our parents, family members about importance of voting, and ensuring the fair and free election,” says student Bhavani of Manasagangotri.

I am happy for being a part of decision making of nation. Youngsters in large number remain far from electoral process and its need of the hour everyone should exercise their right to brings changes in society. I and my friends have decided to cast vote for an qualified, dynamic and young person. If he has minimum qualification it will be easy for us to get done our works,” says student Krithika.
As many of the educated step back from voting, we have decided to educate our surrounding people, family members about importance of voting and ensure they cast their vote,” says Sushma of JSS Women's College.

I will cast my vote for an young candidate and who is educated. So that he understand the problems of youngster, and knows our needs. We have a bad experience with previous Corporator and do want to again fall into the prey,” says Ramya who is planning to cast her vote for an Independent candidate. 

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