Friday, March 29, 2013

He is a role model for many

There are many instances where handicapped, unemployed, disillusioned people waste their time, cursing fate for their misfortune and become burden for their family. But here is a fine lesson in self reliance and how can a person be a role model for others.

Everything was fine with Ghous Madeen till he turned ten. But then suddenly an unexpected thing happened in his life changed his life forever. When he was nine years old he was afflicted with Gangrene.
As days passed the situation got worsened and finally reached the stage where his right leg was amputated upto knee at first time.

As again the Gangrene started spreading like wildfire killing healthy tissues his entire leg was amputated for second time. Meantime for some unknown reason his right hand also got twisted.

In spite of all this Ghous did not lose heart. In a tender age of ten he decided not to be a burden to his family and accompanied his father who had a puncture shop.
As there is no energy in right hand, slowly he learnt how to put puncture to the deflated tyres by working with only the left hand. Watching him remove the tyre from the vehicle and fitting it back after putting puncture mesmerises the onlookers who silently stand staring at his feat.

He has been doing this relentlessly for the past three decades gaining the appreciation and praise of even his competitors in the neighbourhood.

Though working in a garage and being handicapped he is perfect in his work. He even gives alms to beggars who come to his shop though being physically fit than him. Without being a burden on anyone, he earns his own livelihood and recently tied a knot.

He says: “I feel happy and proud that I earn and live on my own efforts.” His neighbour Saleem says that they all feel happy for not depending on any one for livelihood and working hard amidst all odds.  

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