Sunday, March 10, 2013

Men on a mission to break the 'male chauvinism' stigma

To break the jinx called 'male chauvinism', a stigma attached to every male, a man has dedicated himself for the empowerment of women especially those residing in rural areas.

Social worker 56-year-old H Roop Singh is the man working for the cause of empowering women. For the past 20 years he is regularly visiting villages giving a patient hearing to the pleas of the suffering women. He empowers them to overcome the problems with proper guidance, how to be a part of society, how to face problems courageously and to become financially self-reliant.

The practice is to blame women for everything that happens in the family and this prejudiced mindset of society needs to be changed. A woman suffers continuously right from after her birth till every stage of her life. As a counselor, I help them to overcome their problems courageously,” he says.

Families break up for trivial reasons. All they need is right guidance at the right time to cement the relationship. Women have lot of patience and bear silently the ill-treatment meted out to her,” he added.

He says, he learnt this quality from his mother who helped the underprivileged and he is now continuing the same. Around 2000 families have been benefited so far because of timely advise.

Being a native of Rajasthan, he resides in Hebbal. After the closure of city's Ideal Jawa Factory, where he was employed, he has completely become reserved for his time for a social casue.

With his interests in Social Service, he is serving in an NGO named Shaktidhama as a social worker. His wife Shakhila Kumar, who is a Head Master is supporting him in all his endeavours.  

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