Sunday, March 10, 2013

It was women's day out in city on Friday

International Women's Day was celebrated by various organisations in city on Friday. While some of them celebrated the day by holding talks, seminar on women issues, other section celebrated the day by conducting day long fun activities, games, cultural programmes, dramas for women.

What was different this year was, some of the shop owners marked the day by offering special discounts for fair sex on their purchase and wished them. Discount on gifts items, sarees, jewellery, slippers, vanity bags were given for women.
Some of the private hospitals had organised free health check-up camp, cancer screening camp, discount of fitness, and so on. There was even offers on pizzas, ice creams at some of the centers.

Amidst many of these celebration there were the section of women unaware that there is a day for them to celebrate. It was just an another day in their life. Hundreds of construction women, pourakarmikas, nomades were seen on their routine work.
Student Jyothi says: “The day is celebrated by the women in urban areas. There are many women residing in rural areas not aware of women's day. More over, the celebration should not be meant only for a day. The women should celebrate the day with the same zeal across the year, and such atmosphere should be created for women.”

Reshma says: “The respect, honour for women should be given always. Its high time women should raise their voice against social-ills and play major role in society.”  

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