Friday, March 29, 2013

Hostel students to obtain flexibility at multi-gym center

Here comes the good news for gym enthusiasts of Maharaja's College Boys hostel and Yuvaraja College Ladies hostel pupils. Soon the hostels will be equipped with the multi-gym center, where students can build muscles, stamina, loose wieght, toon their body, and obtain flexibility.

To create fitness awareness among youngsters and motivate them to remain healthier the multi gym will be set-up by Mysore University Physical Education Department at the cost of Rs 3 lakh. The multi gym facility center will start functioning from April.

Majority of the students study here are villagers and have come from middle class or below poverty line. Joining for gym spending thousands of rupees to remain fit or build muscle is a challenging task for them. Hence, the multi-gym facility has become a boon for such students.

The multi-gym facility is already set up at Village Hostel, Boys PG Hostel, Women's Hostel at Gangotri, which comes under Mysore University and there is very good response for the center. Not only the boys, whereas even good number of girls are sweating it out at the fitness center and gaining stamina.

The boys are interested to build the muscles, whereas majority girls throng to lose weight, toon muscles. While, some even to gain weight, build muscles. The students can exercis on 12 types of muscle builders, and various other affects like cardiac, abdomen, knee, neck, back, muscle strengthening and much more at the center. The students can hit the gym center twice in a day (6.30 am to 8.15 pm and 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm).

Instructor Jamuna Rani said there is very good response for multi-gym center and girls in large number are coming to lose weight and remain fit.

Divya, first year Mcom student says: “The gym has become very much helpful to burn our calories. If we go for fitness center we have to bear thousands of rupees and dedicate extra time for travelling. But, now in the same time in hostel premises I am sweating to lose weight and it has helped me lot from last five months.”

Yuvaraja College student Vivek says: “The upcoming gym set-up will be very much helpful for many, specially for sportsperson to take up fitness activities.”

Physical Education Department Director Dr C Krishna said under University With Potential for Excellency Scheme Rs 50 crore was granted for Mysore University, in that Rs 2 crore has been sanctioned for the Physical Education Department, UoM. Colleges which have permanent affiliation and fulfill the norms of UGC can apply for grants for multi-gym facility. 

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