Friday, March 29, 2013

This Historical temples neglected by officials

One of the century-old temple Sri Prasanna Nanjundeshwaraswamy Temple situated in heart of the city on Santhepete Street is in a dilapidated condition. The sad part is Muzrai Department officials have turned blind eye for the maintenance of this historical temple.

The temple with a beautiful architect, huge space was constructed by Mumadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar in 1732 and the proceeding deity Sri Prasanna Nanjundeshwara Swamy was installed in 1783, says Temple Pontiff MS Radha Krishna.

The traders and distributors of Santhepete and APMC Yard are trying to protect the temple. But due to insufficient fund they have failed to maintain the temple in good condition.

Since 1980, the traders raise fund themselves and hold Dodda Prasanna Nanjundeshwara Swamy rathotsava yearly once and distribute prasadam for nearly 30,000 people. Unfortunately the fund they are getting from the Muzrai Department is only Rs 9,000 per annum.

Being one of the historical temple, nearby residents throng temple to offer puja. But, there is no water facility in the temple, the walls of the temple are in dilapidated condition, lack of security, temple floors are not equal, not cleaned regularly, rain water has logged in several places, seepage and damp wells, fungus growing in some places, cracks on walls and many other lot of problems can be witnessed in many places.
Traders Association Spokesperson D Dhruvakumar says that the fund provided by Muzrai department is insufficient and the department should look into protecting one of the historical temple in city.

Devotee Madamma said that “from my grandfather period we are coming into people. The officials should develop this temple and attract large number of people.

Sri Prasanna Nanjundeshwara Swamy Temple Dodda Rathotsava will be held on March 27 between 10 am to 10.30 am at Old Santhepete. Prasadam will be distributed for devotees at 1 pm at Jaganmohan Palace.  

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