Monday, August 1, 2016

Anna Arogya', a whatsapp group spreads light on traditional dishes

In today's world of fast pace people have become vulnerable to various life style diseases one among them being not consuming nutritious foods and lack on knowledge on traditional dishes.

In this regard, 'Anna Arogya', a whatsapp group, has been created to educate public about the importance of consuming traditional dishes including millets in the diet, which are highly nutritious and helps to over come several health ailments.

Daily new recipes will be posted in the group along with a brief explanation about their health benefits. Most of the people in urban areas who purchase millets are generally not aware how to prepare dishes out of them. So the recipes that are posted here motivates others to prepare, thereby reviving the traditional food knowledge to this modern society.

Delicious, nutritious and tasty traditional dishes recipes of Pulav, vegetable bath, chitranna, nutritious dosa using five types of millets, Paddus, Navane idli, chigali, sajje roti, ragi methi roti, and several other mouth watering yummy dishes will be uploaded. They are prepared using millet, pulses, vegetables, and other food grains. The dishes are said to be good for diabetic patients, heart patients and those suffering from various other health ailments.

There are dieticians, PhD scholars on food science, food technologists, Agriculture University employees and several others offer their views to the group about the health benefits by consuming the particular milelts, vegetables, greens, pulses. The messages discussed are being forward to several other groups thereby informing the people how rich was our traditional dishes, and how one can get rid of health issues.

NGO Sahaja Samrudha founder Krishna Prasad said that the intention of the group is to revive the traditional foods once prepared by our forefathers which are slowly vanishing from the dining table and there by making people to consume healthy food.

Seema, a member who posts most of the recipes in the group says: 'There is no need of taking vitamins, iron, calcium tablets. By changing food diet and consuming the millet we get all the mineral contest to the body, which boost our energy level and health. To know more about any the dishes people can call individually, which also helps to make new friends.' 

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