Monday, August 15, 2016

Four associates of forest brigand Veerappan released

Four associates of forest brigand Veerappan who were serving life sentence in City Central Jail were released here on Monday. Anburaj, Tupaki Siddan, Tangaraju, Appuswamy were convicted for abducting forest officers from Gundal Forest in 1998.

All the four are residents of Bhavani Taluk, Erode District in Tamil Nadu. They have undergone imprisonment for 18 years including two year remission, and were released based on their good conduct, on the occasion of Independence Day. They were convicted by Chamarajanagar fast track court in 2004.

Each of them have earned more than Rs 50,000 in prison and want to engage in agriculture activities, and start a new life. They have even plans to start a business in any of the skill development programmes training they have undergone.

Prison Authorities said: 'As per the rules they all are eligible, and no murder has took place in the abducting case. They were all obedient, law abiding and very co-operative. Based on their good conduct, they have been released. They have expressed desire to engage in business, and agriculture activities.'

37-year-old Anburaj, was arrested when he was 18 years. He learnt Kannada, English in Jail. He did BA, Diploma in Journalism, Panchayatraj Subject in correspondence from Karnataka State Open University. While others three dedicated themselves in weaving, preparing bakery products, and gardening activities.

Rangayana Theater Artist Hulagappa Kattimani formed a team 'Sankalpa' in 2006 and started provided theater training for jail inmates. It was there Anburaj developed interest in theater field, and has staged several theater plays with jail inmates under the banner of 'Jailnenda Jailege', (theater of jail birds).

While staging theater plays, he fell in love with woman jail inmate Revathi, who is also an convict of life imprisonment. The duo tied knot when they were out on parole and they have a child. Revathi was released six months ago on the occasion of Republic Day.

Anburaj who strongly believed theater is a powerful medium for transform dedicated himself in art field. He used to manage the entire theater troupe and he got an opportunity to work for an theater newspaper 'Rangavani', where he served as guest editor for one month. He had penned two stories on life of prisoners for the magazine one and half years ago.

Anburaj last year had stated that he was disgusted in life and wanted to end life. Whereas, down the years after engaging himself in theater field, he has seen dramatic changes in his life, and wants to achieve something in life. Expressing happiness over his release, he said he want to start a new life, and engages in theater field, or in agriculture activities.

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