Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mysuru to lose its heritage tag if further neglected

Mysuru city known world wide for its heritage structures and buildings will lose its heritage tag? If one keenly notice the negligence of government the answer is yes. As many as 365 heritage building were identified by the Heritage building experts committee in 2011-12. Of which 201 were declared officially by the government as heritage structure, but no measures have been chalked out for their conservation.  

The sad part is one heritage building is demolished every month erasing the memory of heritage city. Its estimated that around 60 heritage buildings have been demolished in last five years, and unfortunately no persons have been appointed for the key posts of the heritage and archaeological department and even the post of conservation engineers is vacant from last several years.

Though Heritage Committee has been set up, no guidelines nor manual has been given. A proposal sent four years ago for conservations of heritage buildings has still remained a nightmare.
Heritage building experts committee member Echanuru Kumar said several heritage structures, including heritage private buildings are in large number in and around city. The government should first announce the 201 heritage structures and form a committee to maintain the buildings. Whereas, the behaviour of government appears gradually the department will be closed.

“Every month one heritage building is demolished. The properties owned by private establishments will be sold and demolished overnight, and next morning we can see only debris. There are several heritage buildings in Ramanuja Road, Agrahara, Ramavilas Road, KT Street, Sayyaji Road Road that have been demolished. With no permanent officers there is lot of problems in the heritage and archeology department, which needs to be addressed,' he added.

Senior citizens, sharing their views said that politicians for their interests are spoiling the image of heritage city Mysuru with out any vision. They say: 'Corporations should do a review and access the quality of the buildings, so that the heritage buildings can be protected.'

'The town hall which would have been used as another Rangayana, has been spoiled by taking up development works. Even after five years the works have not been completed. Unscientific plannings, and development works in heritage structures marring the beauty of the city. Apart from conducting heritage walk and educating people, there is need of measures to be taken to conserve the heritage buildings,' adds Raghavendra, who participates in heritage walk.

“There is a need to take a call on conserving the atleast existing heritage buildings. Officers for the Heritage and archaeological Department have to be posted first. In-charge post should not be given, and directors, commissioners should be appointed to conserve the heritage structures,” added Nagamani, school teacher.

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