Friday, August 19, 2016

These people want to change the scenario of their ward

Kumbarakoppal which has emerged as the best ward in the country for implementing zero waste management, now to achieve comprehensive improvement in health, education, and economic status of its residents.
A group of people have come together and have formed 'Abhyudhaya Abhiyan' (On the path of development) to change the scenario of the ward for better through collective efforts.

With the population around 25,000, the residents want to make Kumbarakoppal (Ward 28) a model ward in the country which is not only free of hunger and communicable diseases, but also keeping it environment friendly. 'Eco Clubs' have been set up in all the six schools and in the 12 booths where people are motivated to plant trees, keep the roads and storm water drains clean along with several other initiatives towards green concepts.

It has been made mandatory to grow and nurture a plant in every household in the locality. For those who do not have place, pots are distributed with medicinal plants. They are also informed about the various health benefits of medicinal plants thereby working towards constructing a healthier society.

To inculcate green culture amongst the youth, children are motivated
to plant a sapling and water them daily in their school premises, and surrounding areas, so that green cover of the ward increases further. Yoga, Meditation, Prakruthik Chikitsa are thought to provide easy access to quality health care, and thereby contributing for the overall development of the ward. Even measures have been taken to address unemployment, and enroll every child to school.

Septuagenarian Jayarama says: 'If everything goes as per the plan, Kumbarakoppal will become model for other wards. To imbibe harmony and develop good relationship amongst people, it has been made compulsory for the people to take part in religious activities at least once every year. I have been living here for the past four decades but have witnessed lot of changes in the last 12 years.'

Resident Sarala said: 'We have taken a big step to bring change. We are more enthusiased to take up new programmes and keep our ward clean and thereby motivate others to practice the same. Already, delegates from 12 foreign countries have visited the Zero waste management unit, and have studied about treating waste, which is a matter of proud. We want to make our ward further clean, and become model for country.'
Prakash, teacher of a government school in the ward said: 'There are six schools in the ward, and saplings have been planted. Children are informed about the importance of nurturing trees, and they are enthusiastic watching the growth of the plant, and watering them daily.'
Brain child of the programmes, and Abhyudhaya Abhiyan Patron former MLC D Madegowda said that already Kumbarakoppal has made a great difference compared to other wards with treating of wastes at source. Now we are concentrating on overall comprehensive development of the ward, through community participation and we hope we get a good result in couple of years, he added.

'Nearly 75 per cent of the waste is treated at source, and about 60 per cent of the households segregate waste at source. Over the decade we have achieved 75 per cent success in segregation of waste at source and on an average 35-40 tonnes of processed wet waste is sold to farmers every month as manure while dry waste is sent for recycling. On an average Rs 20,000 is earned through Solid Waste Management and the money is used to give wages for to the workers maintaining unit.'

'Women are assigned to visit household and educate people about important of waste segregation. The waste sent from our ward to landfills is very less. But there is still a lot to achieve and there is a long way to go,' he added.

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