Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Foreigners show interest to learn Mysuru Traditional Art paintings

Mysuru not only a tourist spot, but also a hub for yoga, attracting foreigners from all over the world. But, surprisingly quite a good number of foreigners who stay here to learn yoga are also simultaneously showing keen interest to learn Mysuru Traditional Art paintings.

46-year-old artist MS Anand, who has mastered his skills in Mysore Traditional Paintings is giving training to foreigners on Mysuru traditional art. Over a decade he has taught more than 800 foreigners about the art form, while only hardly around 200 localities have shown interest. Foreigners hailing from Switzerland, Tokyo, Scotland, Yugoslavia, America, England, Australia, Japan, Thailand have learnt the traditional art form at his residence in KR Mohalla.

The foreigners select the paintings they want to create and devout themselves daily six hours to learn the traditional art. Majority of them like to paint images of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, and several other god and goddess of Hindu pancrean. In a month, they finish a painting of 12x15 inch size, and carry the works to their hometown.

Foreigners say: 'Before coming to Mysuru, we searched in internet about the tradition, culture, of the region. Accidentally while browsing, we came to know about the Mysuru Traditional Paintings, which drew our attention. Before coming to Mysuru, we fixed an appointment with the artist and along with yoga practice, we are learning the tradition painting of Mysuru, which gives double benefit and happiness.'

“Tracing the drawings, embossing works, colouring the figures, and decorating the goddess with thin gold leaf is indeed a thrilling. The  paintings are quite expensive has created out of using 22 carat gold,” say foreigners.

Amanda who has come from Switzerland says: “Compare to other art forms, this art from is very different. I like the diversed forms of Goddess of Hindu culture and am very much impressed about this. I find there is something unique in this art and wish to continue in future.'

“I have studied about Hindu gods and religion. I was very passionate to learn the traditional paintings. Am very much happy and proud to say that I have learnt a traditional art form of Mysuru, which will be very memorable. In a month, have learnt how to draw sketches. Lot of patience and dedication is required to learn this art,” says Seon, Korea.

“Foreigners show lot interest in Mysuru Traditional Paintings and they have in depth knowledge of our history, religion, gods and goddesses. But, the saddest part is most of the localities lack interest to learn the artform and the art form is vanishing. There are hardly 5-6 artist in Mysuru practicing the art form. Its high time government should step in and take measures to protect this dying artform, which has a history dating back to centuries,” says Artist Anand, a state-level awardee.

'Around ten foreigners have made this artform as a profession, and they will be in touch through social media, skype they get their doubts cleared. As the paintings are created using thin sheets of gold leaf, as the prices of gold goes up, the painting cost also goes us,' he adds.

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