Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Transforming slums: Prerepana to bring fortune for downtrodden community

 The situation of seven slums in the city to witness a huge overhaul during the next five years. In order to improve the lives of people living in urban poor settlements and lead them towards sustainable development, a project named, Prerepana (Phase II) has been launched by Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, funded by NR Foundation.

Critical needs of the slum dwellers will be resolved first by focussing on key social development indicators such as issues of health (Alcohol deaddicition), facilitating linkages for social entitlements, education, teaching them about cleanliness and hygiene, addressing legal issues, mobilising funds to improve physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities; and several others.

Through SHGs home makers will be provided with vocational training by means of which they can generate income. Drop out children will be enrolled back to schools, and youth will be motivated to continue higher education while availing of scholarships from MCC.

Karakushalanagar in Metagalli, Ekalavyanagara, Bharath Nagar, Kalyangiri at KSB Colony, Vande Matharam, Shivrathreshwara Nagara and Kesare Kurimandi slums have been selected for the project. Four committees have been formed in each slums consisting of five members who are residents of the respective slums. The estimated population of the chosen slums is around 14,800.
The community volunteers who have undergone training are educating slum dwellers and forming SHGs, spreading light on proper disposal of waste, keeping surroundings clean while slowly motivating them to attend deaddiction camps, which turns out to be the most challenging task.
Volunteer Tabrez says: 'The development is possible by improving the lives of slum. We have also joined hands for a cause, which brings happiness.'

'All these years we spent time only rolling beedi. Now we are learning tailoring and also making jewelery and paper bags which helps us to generate income. While interested youngsters are learning driving, and we hope these initiatives will transforms our lives from this downtrodden existence,' opines Shabeena, resident of Ekalavayanagar

SVYM Programme Cooridnator Punith said that making the people understand about the importance of education, cleanliness is very challenging, and they are focusing largely on empowerment of youth and women.

The programmes have commenced since April, and already committees have been set up. The project will concentrate on four slums of the Mysore city in the first year. Based on the first years’ experience and relevance observed in the selected slum areas, the project will be extended to other three slum areas of Mysore city in subsequent years. Rs 87 lakhs has been funded by NR Foundation for the cause. The first phase of programme was held a decade ago, aiming education, he added.

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