Sunday, July 24, 2011

3,500 persons undergo Plastic Surgery every year in Mysore

Plastic surgery is a super specialty, which aims for the best of function and appearance. It is a quest for improvement and surprisingly, every year in Mysore about 3,500 persons are undergoing Plastic Surgery and mainly of them are trauma victims and employees who are working for industrialist are most vulnerable for this surgery.

Last year about 3200 surgeries were done in Mysore. There are 2100 plastic surgeons in India and only seven in Mysore. Doctors opine every year the numbers of persons who are undergoing surgery is increasing.

Dr Herle of BM Hospital; Dr HV Satish and Dr Ravi of Vikram Jeev; Dr BN Jayaram of Mission Hospital; Dr Narayan Hegde of Apollo BGS Hospitals; Dr Mohan of KR Hospital and Dr Vijay of JSS Hospital are the seven doctors in Mysore.

Due to advanced technologies, tissues in our body can be shifted from place to place using Microvascular surgery technique and its a added advantage for people.

Most of them think plastic surgeons use 'plastic' during surgery but its not so. Body’s tissues are used and some times ‘implants’ which are made of different materials.

The word plastic denotes the ability of the plastic surgeon to mould tissues and surgeons use many of the normal surgery instruments for this surgery. Loss of tissue may occur following trauma or cancer.

Speaking to Express, Dr H V Satish of Vikram Jeev, said that `many of them think plastic surgery is a surgery of rich people but its a surgery of common people and this surgery was familiar during the period of world war.'

`Compare to other surgeries, plastic surgeons operate from head to toe and the challenge is to suit the need – restore shape, restore movement etc,' he adds.

When a person come across accidents if he brings the broken parts in plastic bag preserved with ice within six hours it will be helpful for the patients, adds doctor.

When questioned weather thighs skin is used for surgery, Dr Satish said that `Plastic surgeons have never ‘changed faces’ by putting skin from the thighs. The skin on the thigh is dark, grows hair and Skin graft to the face is a only choice.'

`Plastic surgeons also stitch the skin. But we use fine suture materials that will not leave any mark and we also sometimes use gum or tapes. But the natural movements gifted by God is difficult to replace,' he adds.

Plastic surgery is not always expensive. Some surgeries take 8-10 hours to perform. The experience, skill, duration and the special materials contribute to the cost and there is no age limit for this surgery.

Its Sub specialties are:
Reconstructive surgery: dealing with replacement of lost tissue.
Pediatric plastic surgery: deals with birth anomalies, the commonest being cleft of the lip and palate.
Cosmetic surgery: deals with a voluntary need for a change in external appearance in a healthy patient.
Burns : the main problem in burns is a loss of skin and its replacement is the solution.
Microvascular surgery: Involves small blood vessels of 1-2 mm and small nerves. These are repaired using a Microscope.

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