Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rains have severely affected the livelihood of this Street side vendors

The incessant rains battering the city and the surrounding areas since a fortnight has brought much needed relief to the farmers and has also eased the tension between Karnataka and our neighbouring State Tamil Nadu.

But there is a small minority who seem to have been hurt the most. They are the roadside street vendors selling wares like carpets, dolls, porcelain vases, flowers and the like. With no shelter over their heads, they have to keep the items always covered with plastic sheets lest they get spoiled. Business is out of the question as nobody would like to stop their vehicles by the roadside in the drizzling rain and make purchase.

A few lucky guys among them, have found a easy way out. When it rains they immediately pack-up all the items on display and get into their vehicles which they transport materials.

But not so with every street vendor. Some of them have migrated from other States and are staying here in makeshift tents and plastic sheet covered huts. It is they who are the worst affected. Though they form a miniscule percentage of the population which at best can be overlooked and walked away, there silent suffering still needs a few words of kindness and solace.

Speaking to Express Nasim, carpet seller from UP said that `the business is very less and has affected livelihood severely. Hardly I can sale countable carpers per week. When it rains most of them not stop the vehicles, carpets also gets wet. To dry, it will be placed under sunlight,' he adds.

`During summer we can put the clothes directly on ground, but during rainy season, I carry cot to display clothes. When it rains, with the help of vegetables vendors, I cover the clothes with plastic covers. The business is very poor and I display clothes in two different areas. Most of the days I have packed-up all the materials and have gone home,' says Ravi Kumar, with misery in voice.

`If compare to cloth sellers, vegetables vendors are most luckiest, as there is no need of covering all the vegetables. But for cloth, doll sellers there is no choice. They have to remain on toe always,' says senior citizen Mahadev.

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