Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feeling and emotions described through painting

Abstract paintings are considered as forgiving style of art paintings as the artistes feeling and emotions are express through this paintings. Here is one such creative artiste who felt to capture his pent up feelings and emotions after the death of his daughter.

Dr SC Patil who is working as a Dean in Hampi Kannada University is the artist, who has expressed his feelings, struggle, suffering, through canvas.

He has created master piece out of abstract paintings in which most of them are drawn keeping head as a mode. He has described very well the psychology state of the human being and the sad and sorrowful situations in his paintings.

Interestingly, Dr Patil when failed to succeed in 2nd year PUC exams, in the one-year leisure time has learnt paintings and has later became painter. He claims he is the only person in South India to obtain two PhD degrees on Folk Art. His PhD subjects has been published in form of books. He has exhibited his talent all over States and has bagged about 24 awards.

In every step one can find novelty, the forms according to his style and technique distributing them proportionately. He retains the original white colour of the canvas giving a little shade to it here and there impressing figures take their shapes corresponding with each other. The wonderful mixture of paints leads to fantastic effect and attracts connoisseurs.

I rarely create paintings on nature. Its a difficult task to carry both writing and painting together simultaneously along with teaching, guiding and participating in the academic activities. But do want to give up my painting, says Dr Patil.

`I have worked as a guide for 28 MPhil students and 25 PhD students. I to have obtained two PhD degrees on folk Art on the subjects `Karnataka Janapada Chitrakale' and `A critical Analysis of Art Education at School-level in drawing and painting'.

`I work on all medium of colours (Acrylic, Water, Oil). I love colours and enjoy working on it. Earlier I had worked on Tsunami tragedy, women Harassment, seasons, the places I visit and much more.

`I choose the subject on Women Harassment to paint, because I was very much disturbed by seeing the difficulties my sisters were facing in their husbands house,' says Patil with emotion and adds about 450 of his paintings have been sold so far.

Dr Patil is exhibiting his talent on abstract and modern painting at Suchitra Art Gallery, Kalamandira till July 24 and has named his creativity as 'Kaleidoscope'.

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