Sunday, July 24, 2011

God is work

God is a form of energy which cannot be seen, but only felt

What are your spiritual beliefs?
God itself is a belief. I see God in every work I do and always feel His presence. I am very religious, which doesn't mean than I perform any homas or special pujas or chant mantras. I just offer prayers and I find God while helping someone.

What is your understanding of God?
All that exists on earth is God's creation. When we close our eyes we see darkness and the person who enlightens us in darkness is God. We give different forms to God and offer pooja. He is a supreme power and a positive energy, which is not seen but can only be felt which is quite powerful.

What are your spiritual practices?
Evey day, without fail I pray and offer pooja to the deity. I won't step out of house without applying 'Kumkum' and 'Vibuthi' on my forehead. It has become a practice since my childhood to visit temples as I get peace, relaxation and solace, especially when I climb the temples atop hills.

Do you visit pilgrimage centres
I always keep visiting pilgrimage centres. Recently I visited Mudukthore, Pollachi Temple and Tirupati. I prefer visiting Tirupathi as I get some sort of great feeling when I visit there.

- Naveen Krishna is an actor and has played role of hero in many films.

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