Sunday, July 31, 2011

Special decorations during Ashadha here

Usually in Ashadas doing special decorations for Goddess is common in every temple. But some temples creates curious among devotees because its bewitched decorations.

One such temple in city is Sri Mahalakshmi Kollapuradamma Temple, which marks a gaiety look on every Ashada Friday. This temple situated in heart of the city at Thogari Beedhi in KR Mohalla, has a history of 120 years. The temple was constructed by Kunchitigara Community people and was renovated 21 years ago.

Interesting from past 10 years this temple pontiff Venkatesh Bhat has not repeated any decorations and evokes curious among devotees every year.

The first Friday he had decorated goddess using Kavade and was followed by decorations made of using 3,200 Nataraja pencil and sea shells on third week. On fourth week of Ashada (July 29) he has decorated Goddess using coins worth about Rs 60,000. He has brought about 3,400 shells of ten varieties from Kanyakumari for the decorations.

Speaking to Express Ppontiff Venkatesh Bhat said that During every Ashada Friday special decorations will be done for Goddess Kollapuradamma. In 1995 using flowers, I decorated goddess in lotus formation and named it 'Kamala Vahini'. Later, I started to decorate using fruits, shells, bangles, stationery, eatables, kodbale, corn, dry fruits, sugarcane, candles. Once I had decorated with denomination of currency of Rs 1.20 lakh,' he stated.

Speaking to Express Shanthamma said that `during every season we have a eager to know how goddess wears different avataars this year. The decorations will be kept for two-three days intact.

Hence, the temple is attracting hundreds of devotees every year for its various forms of avathars.

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