Sunday, July 24, 2011

This road requires urgent repair

This 1.5 km stretch in Gokulam is neglected by civic bodies. Corporator says I am helpless due to lack of funds.

If one wants to experience how a camel ride is like should drive on this road once. The entire stretch of the road is filled with pot holes with very little space for commuters, as a strong stench emanates from the drainage adjoining the road, filled with debris overflowing from the nearby cemetery.

This is not the scene from a slum area, but what is presently seen on Contour Road in Gokulam 3rd stage, where most of the people residing there are Below Poverty Line. The entire stretch of this 1.5 km road is completely neglected by civic authorities who seems to have forgotten the very existence of this road.

The road is in such a bad shape that one can count more than 21 pot holes. Even the electric poles are laid in a zig zag manner, which are never switched on for several days at a stretch and appear like ornamental pieces.

Another most agonizing thing for the residents on this road is the drainage that always over flows with the left-overs from the nearby Gokulam Cemetery. People performing the last rites of the departed, throw the left overs, like the bamboo poles used to carry the corpse, pots, bed etc. into drainage blocking the free flow of rain water. The debris begins to rot emanating an unbearable obnoxious smell. There are instances where even the ashes of the body burnt on the pyre mixes with drain. Apart from this Jayalakshmipuram UGD pipeline is also connected for this drainage.

Speaking to Express resident Chandru said that `For the past four years, we have approached the ward Corporator several times to solve this problem. But no action has initiated so far. When it rains venturing on this road is an adventure.'

`The roads needs urgent repairs and the concerned officials should intervene and help us. While the surrounding areas have been tarred and are provided with all facilities. It is really surprising! why the officials have turned a blind eye for this particular stretch. In spite of several round of complaints to CHESCOM officials to switch on street lights in the evenings,' the officials merely visit once in 3- months and vanish,' bemoans Devamma another resident.

Speaking to Express Corporator Girish Prasad said that `This 1.5 stretch needs about 50 lakh rupees of asphalting work and I am helpless in this matter due to lack of funds.

The main contractor of JNNURM is in Hyderabad and the local contractor work here. From past one year the funds have not been sanctioned from JNNURM and most of the works have been halted, he added.

Clarifying about the good condition of surrounding areas he said that `every year I get Rs 75 lakh from Corporation for the development works and in that I have managed to maintain good roads. If I spend Rs 50 lakh for this single stretch, the other development works will be affected in the year, he added.

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